Wikipedia on Portable DVD Player?

I was just wondering if there was a way to put the wikipedia dump file onto a portable DVD player? Maybe a set of dvds to plug in or hooking up a hard drive to it? Thanks!

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lexxsoft7 years ago
WikiTaxi is a good app for offline Wiki, but that's for Windows, should you rather use netbook instead of dvd player.
joespicnictables (author)  lexxsoft7 years ago
I got a laptop, but...its not a netbook, its a little slow, and a little big. I'll check in to it, thanks! ps: can i run linux on there? like off a dvd?
kelseymh7 years ago
How would you navigate the hypertext using a DVD player? The suggestion from "lexxsoft" to use a netbook (which has a Web browser, and therefore could navigate the files in the Wiki dump) seems more reasonable.
joespicnictables (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
like i told lexxsoft i dont have a netbook(only a laptop) but if there is a way to boot it off a dvd with a html program on it that would work.
I think you should stick with laptop/netbook (no difference), because I haven't seen pure-text dvd software, and even if there is one, it would take a ton of dvds; they would weight more than your laptop. If you must use Linux, install WINE to run WikiTaxi.
joespicnictables (author)  lexxsoft7 years ago
ok, thanks.