Will A 37mm lens hood fit on A Canon HF R-10?

some sites say it doesnt have a thread while other sites sell it with wide angle lens attachments and ETC.

nomasheroes6 years ago
I have a Vixia HF-R11 which is practically the same, the difference its just it's HDD capacity, but none of these has a threaded lens... I bought a 3M double sided gel adhesive tape who supports up to .9 Kg (Im from México) stick two stripes over the camcorder's front to cover all the front, then with a cutter (knife) cutted the boundaries guided by the front cover's gaps, then I removed the other's side stripes and put a 37mm UV filter, that is front threaded, so it allows me put a lens hood safely... I'll post a picture later... hope it works for you...
Re-design7 years ago
It does not have a threaded lens barrel.  Any adapters or attachments are slip fit.  It has a built in lens protection curtain.

I just spent about an hour using mine to video a Me And My Monkey concert tonight.
redsuit09 (author)  Re-design7 years ago
so i f i get a lens cover that will slip on then it will work right? what siz should i get 37mm?
I've never measured it.  Ge the camera and take it to a camera store and get one that fits by trial and error.  Since you've found differing info on the net don't trust it.

You don't have to buy the one at the camera store if you don't "like" it, just need to find the correct size.