Will LED throwies still work when fired from some sort of air musket?

  I'm looking for a way to impress my friends and family with something that looks like plasma being shot from a gun which it really isn't plasma and there is no gun. You can imagine it of being somewhat futuristic looking effects I'm trying to make here. If my LED's don't or can't survive then how could I make 'em survive?

Encase the entire thing in clear silicone caulk. It'll add some impact resistance, allow you to shape the throwie so it fits your laucher barrel better, and also diffuse the light a bit so it doesn't look quite so much like an LED flying thru the air.
Come to think of it, you might even be able to get away with some bubble wrap and a bit of clear tape....
 You've got a point there, but the clear silicone part is way out of my desired budget. Good idea with the bubble wrap and the tape part. 
Oh, I was just thinking of the clear door & window caulk that's like 3 bucks for a big tube at Home Depot, not the really nice casting or food-grade stuff. Still, I think the bubble wrap will work just fine, and will also allow you to retrieve your throwies more easily than cutting them out of the caulk would have. On the flipside, the caulk would have more mass so the throwies would probably fly farther/straighter.
Anyway, whatever you wind up doing, be sure to take pictures and post an Instructable. This sounds like fun.
Thanks for the "Best", BTW.