Will a 50 pin LCD work with any 50 pin driver board?

Although I know the answer is probably no. I am trying to see if I can conjure up a $50 HD projector. I am close right now with some other parts. I am trying to get it down to about $50 though.

For example:




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Driver boards are specific to one display type, in some cases to series of displays by the same type.
An universal one like yours will most likely cover a lot of displays but I was unable to find specifications about the actually supported types.
You can try to ask the seller about the details or simply try it.
If the connectors fit it has a high chance to work.

knexpert1700 (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago
knexpert1700 (author)  knexpert17002 years ago

Do you think those will go togerher?

Can't say as there is not enough information available through the links or datasheets.
Contact them about the two products and ask if they know if they are a match.

peterpan731 year ago

Tried the above boards and it didn't work. All I got was a white display while vga signals appear as vibrating color bands

MatthewA52 years ago

The LCD the board is for is 800x480 res, although the pin out is similar it probably would have issues with the 1024x600 LCD. I would just buy an at070tn90/4 - they are just as cheap and available.

knexpert1700 (author)  MatthewA52 years ago
I am going to get the TF60001A instead to make my projector.