Will a 700 x 28c-32c bike tube fit my 700 x 35c tire?

I bought a spare tube with my new bike, and just noticed that it's not quite the right size, but I don't know a lot about bike tires.

My tire says 700 x 35x
My spare tube says 700 x 28x-32c


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lizzyastro7 years ago
It's really going to be a bit too small, it would do at a pinch, but you would have to over inflate the tube somewhat, to get the tyre up to pressure. 700 is your wheel diameter, 28, 32 or 35 the diameter of the tube once inflated, all dimensions in millimetres. So a 35 is a fatter tyre than a 28, and needs a fatter tube to fill it. Lizzy
Seconded. I wouldn't expect it to last long when so overinflated to 'fill' the area properly. I recommend getting the correct size, most places will exchange them.
TANZMEISTER7 years ago
Short Answer = Yes!

Slightly longer answer; 28-32mm is a very standard size for road bikes. 35mm is a width more commonly found on cyclocross and some hybrids. The 28-32mm tubes work great in them, but like a couple other posters have said they will "technically" be to thin.

I personally ride a K2 Enemy armed with 35s and am not willing to special order the larger size of tubes (most bike shops don't carry them). I've had no trouble using them in 7 years of commuting and racing (yeah, yeah I hear you die-hard racers yelling, "take off the mudguards and go tubeless," and I throw chain grease and my empty water bottle in your general direction!).

Like any tube change, make sure you don't have any offending particles in your tire when you change it, and be careful when you inflate so as to not give your brand new tube a snake bite.

Happy Trails!
yes, done it plenty of times, no noticeable difference
Does a size 9 shoe fit a size 10 foot? it can, but its going to be kinda bad, i would go for it, but try to replace it with the appropriate one as soon as possible. i've done it before during the middle of a triathlon and it didnt end up well for my actual tire. The tube gave it a bump :(
trialex7 years ago
That's pretty close (35 vs 32) - I'd go for it if you have no other option easily available, and try to replace it as soon as is practical.
margeyb7 years ago
It will fit but the life spand of the tube will be limited, you will be having to inflate further than is recommneded which will cause greater wear quicker.
It depends how big the discrepancy is but if its a small difference it will work ok. A lot of the tubes we get are for a few sizes they never fit as easily as the exact size but they work well enough... I ride my bike pretty roughly and haven't had problems with small tube differences...
onrust7 years ago
Yes, but it will be a little thin because you are going to over inflate it. You can, put in a layer of "dead tube" to make up the difference and add a layer of thorn protection. It will also be a stiffer ride.
H1T4TCH17 years ago