Will a magnet work in space?

Will a magnet work in space, if so, will its strength be affected making it seem stronger or weaker?

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Kiteman6 years ago
Yes, magnets work wherever.

Their effects may seem more pronounced, simply because there will be much less friction to overcome, in much the same way as a mere human can push twenty thousand kilogrammes at a reasonable speed when that mass is floating on a canal.

iceng Kiteman6 years ago
When you mention words like pronounced and speed in a sentence,
I think of  inverse square law :-)

caarntedd6 years ago
Astronauts work in space.
I had no idea.
iceng6 years ago
I wasn't kidding farmers take stainless steel covered magnets and put them
into a free range cow's stomach.
This protects cows from intestinal damage by small shreds of iron
( sharp as knives ) that indiscriminate eating bovines regularly ingest
to suffer or die.
The magnets keep iron scraps in a cow's stomach where stomach juices
can dissolve over time.
i used to go to a feed store that sold those when i was a kid and play with em all the time. Great little magnets.
And in NV they still do.
Thanks, 4 speakin up :)
Gave you a vote.

lemonie iceng6 years ago
Kaptain Kool (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for all of the helpful comments!
lemonie6 years ago
Magnetism and gravity don't really have any effect upon each other in practical terms.
The only real difference between space and terra firma is the things like air, water, concrete etc.
iceng has your answer in the relative permittivity aspect.

willywoozle6 years ago
Yes it does work in space because the earth is a giant magnet and its magnetic field passes through space and compasses still work so magnets therefore work in space.
Vyger6 years ago
Yep, Nope.
Vyger Vyger6 years ago
(Montana style reply.)
gmoon6 years ago
Magnets work in space.
Magnets work most anyplace.
While stronger they seem in orbital oscillations,
Tis only the lack of gravity's perturbations.
iceng6 years ago
The magnetic permeability of free space is nearly identical to our atmosphere.
So you will not be able to tell the magnetic pull tiny tiny difference.

kelseymh6 years ago
Of course. Not at all.
iceng6 years ago
Yes it will work in space, in water even in a Cow's stomach.

You mean will the magnetic pull on suitable objects be different But
It may get dirty depending where in space you hold it.