Will a two season sleeping bag inside another two season sleeping bag be equivalent to a four season sleeping bag?

 ....Um.... ....I plan to be camping rough in Inverness in two weeks.

Picture of Will a two season sleeping bag inside another two season sleeping bag be equivalent to a four season sleeping bag?
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Re-design7 years ago
If one of them is not oversized or you are very tiny, putting one inside the other is going to crush down the air pockets that the filling makes and it will be less insulative.  So you may only get 2.5 or 3 seasons by combining them.

Have you looked into renting a proper bag for the trip?
FriendOfHumanity (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Jolly good answer; I hadn't thought of that.
That's exactly the kind of insight that I was looking for.
I think that I will have to have an experiment in the garden.

Good point, and good suggestion.
aeray7 years ago
Having spent many nights out in the cold (down to -28C, in fact) here are my 3 cents:
1) Putting more clothes on, inside the bag, doesn't help much, for the reason Re-design cited.
2) What really does help is to change into a pair of clean dry socks right before bed, and more importantly, wear a very warm hat that won't come off in the night.
3) You must use a ground cloth and a good insulating sleeping pad (like a Thermarest) to stay dry and up off of the ground.

jeff-o7 years ago
You could bring a nice, warm blanket with you.  I had to do that one year when I was camping and the nights got much colder than expected, so we went into the closest town and bought a thick blanket made of...  well, I'm not sure what.  But, we still use it all the time for everything from picnics to wrapping up the kids on cold car rides.
seandogue7 years ago
No, but if you just zip them together and ask an intimate friend to go camping with you, it will be at least twice as warm ;)

redesign explains why "no"
caarntedd7 years ago
Good answers, but don't rent/borrow/steal. Just do it and then tell us how it went.
orksecurity7 years ago
I think the only possible answer is "it depends on the bags". I've seen supposedly two-season bags that seemed to believe that late fall and early spring were the two seasons; I've seen others which were only two-season bags if you kept them off the ground and wore woolen PJs and a ski cap. To answer this properly you really need to know the R-factor (or something like it) of the two bags and compare that to what you're trying to obtain.
It'll definitely be warmer than a single bag, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.