Will any disk drive work?

I broke my disk drive for my xbox360, so i was wondering, would any make of disk drive work? I think there is 3 makes: Samsung, Hitachi and LG. I currently have the samsung drive but i was wondering if one of the others would work as a replacement because the other drives are cheaper? Thanks

There are hundreds of other brand names available... but the brand does not matter. So the answer to your question is, yes, any brand will work. Some brands make better drives, but they'll all work. What mater is what TYPE of hard drive you need. Is it SATA? Is it IDE? They're a bit like cats and dogs, they might have four legs but getting them to mate does nothing.
nort360 (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
ok thanks man, ive just bought a new one thats the same make as my broken one so that should be ok. And I have no problem with my hard drive, currently, but thanks for the advice. :D
lemonie nort3608 years ago
You may need to format the thing for the X-BOX360, but I believe the X-BOX has a Format tool? L