Will copper pipe work?

I want to make one of those pipe swords and I want to know if one of those copper pipes you use to move water around your house would be strong enough?

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An Villain8 years ago
no, it is soft and will not hold an edge, also if you hit anything hard it will bend. one of the best things for false dueling is wooden dowels about 3/4 inch thick.
lemonie8 years ago
Copper is soft - hit anything hard with it and it'll bend. L
Ah, but hit it repeatedly and it hardens. You'd struggle to make anything structural with it though. Steve
Yes you could work-harden it, but I agree. L
what was that called again, the Calcolithic age? (before bronze but after stone)
Ich weiss nicht. L
aw crud lemonie, ich nine sprechen zie deutsch. So i missed that, but I suppose it means idk? Ich (I) nicht (don't) weiss ??? I refuse to look it up and will live in ignorant bliss. (j/k) YAy! i guessed right. And my German sux rocks I nine speak zie German.
Weissen = to know, so you were almost there.
Ich spreche keine Deutsch, is the phrease you were after, so I think you know more than you may think. Having worked in a high-tech area, I was guessing that you might have come across some German there.
I had not heard of the copper age before, so thanks for adding that to the big list in my head...

yeah, I can guess out a few languages, but it not really my forte. I catch maybe two thirds and have to look up the rest... And as for making up my own Ger-mangle-ish or otherwise, well, it's my own particular art form ;)

idk <<== contraction for i don't know.

No prob on the Copper age thing...always good to know more...

Apparently can't spell either...

Chalcolithic Age
Re-design8 years ago
If you use the hard copper pipe yes. The tubing that is bought in a coil will be too soft.