Will metal salad tongs conduct electricity?

Alright, so a group I belong to throws a themed party every year, and this year it's boardgames. I'm in charge of wiring up a life-size game of Operation, and I was trying to think of things to use as the tweezers for the bigger version.

I'm trying to keep the whole thing fairly low voltage (12v), since kids will be using it and won't know better than to touch something conductive.

My question is, will the salad tongs conduct well enough to complete the circuit for a buzzer and light to come on? If not, does anyone have a better suggestion?

Thank you very much.

kelseymh5 years ago
Yes. Metal tongs (like you'd use to turn chicken on a grill) will conduct well enough for the light and buzzer.

If you're going to use the spring-loaded kind, I'd recommend dipping the handle end in some plasti-dip. Or you could get some pre-coated ones.

Alternatively, you could use scissor tongs instead of the spring-loaded kind.

(No, I'm not affiliated with that Web site. It's just the first thing that came up when I did a Google Images search for "tongs" :-)
rickharris5 years ago

All metals conduct electricity in differing degrees.