Will my wiring configuration work?

I'm making a guitar and it's not the first time i've worked with electric guitars, in fact it's a real hobby of mine, but i've never done a full wiring configuration before. the guitar is a bit of a mash up of various parts, they all work though! i have a techsoft design sheet of the configuration i thought may work but im not entirely convinced. The parts are basic, i made the humbucker and the other is a tele single coil, im not after any tone function, just volume and switcher! can someone help me out? Thanks!

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iceng3 years ago

As an EE your block diagram is a confusing mixture of unrecognizable symbols.

Perhaps adding what the single letter items perform could help me understand.

DanielWaring (author)  iceng3 years ago

haha sorry, i understand that its not very a professional diagram, they're just the first letter of the component name, V is the volume switch which is just a variable resistor, J is the jack port and the switcher is literally just a switch. I took a second look and decided it probably wouldnt work so ive since devised a different layout that worked fine, thanks anyway, sorry about the confusion!

Glad for you :-)