Will spray paint set right if used in cold weather?

 I'm painting a bike frame, and I was wondering if the primer and paint would set okay if I'm using the spray paint in 30 degree weather.

Re-design7 years ago
It will remain forever "sticky" if sprayed at too low a temp.  You'll have to wait for a warmer day or heat up (safely) your spray room.  I once sprayed a motorcycle frame in freezing weather by converting my apt bedroom into a spray room.  I wrapped the entire room in plastic drop cloth material and sprayed away.
Zem (author)  Re-design7 years ago
 Ooh, okay. I hate winter... I wish I could warm up the spray room (our garage XD). I would be out there working a lot more if it was warm.
Unfortunately no, room temp 72deg +/-  is what is needed for the paint and primer to "Flash Off" ie. the distillates mixed with the pigment evaporate leaved a dry painted surface  
Zem (author)  tragicallyhip7 years ago
Okay, thanks!