Will there be an instructables ipod app?

i would find this really helpful and would love to be able to have all the instructions i need in my hand

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NatNoBrains6 years ago
It is made, but it's a huge waste of space with no login or search! You only get the first page of editors picks in each main category! And the pictures load about 10% of the time!
14skillman7 years ago
it would be cool to be able to download pdf files and do all kinds of stuf with a instructables app.
lukeyj157 years ago
 Time I learnt how to make ipod touch apps
It would be really good.I hope it will be made
J@50n8 years ago
it would be cool!!!! i wish too! but instructables works perfectly with internet on the ipod touch and iphone already so i guess they think they dont need one..??..??..??..??
gemo135 J@50n7 years ago
yeah it does work seamlessly with the inbuilt browser but i specifically made app would make it all that much easier for quick browsing when on the go