Will these one of these Led work for my remote?

I want to know if one of these will replace my remotes old led that had fallen out and I lost. If it helps my has 2 AA batteries.

Link to product: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2049723

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frollard7 years ago
I believe it should work; IR leds tend to be ir leds -- output lumens aren't specified, and original part specs are unknown, but should work.

Just be sure to get polarity correct.
Tom1795xx6 years ago
As long as its an IR (Infared) LED (Light emmiting diode) it will work in your remote, the detector, if its and IR detector yes it will work. :) I sigguest you use the instructable "How To Measure Polarity" to help you out also.
You can get replacement IR LED's from old remotes. Quite likely free and saves you a shopping trip if you have a spare remote on the cupboards.

singh12347 years ago
http://www.hebeiltd.com.cn/?p=ir.led check the pdf files out. i will be helpful for you. ishould work.
RedMeanie7 years ago
The Emitter Should be correct. The Frequency is usually controlled by the processor on the remote. And like was said above get the polarity right!
Munchys (author)  RedMeanie7 years ago
Thank you.