Will this cable allow me to play my laptop screen on my plasma Television?


lemonie6 years ago
If you've got VGA-out and RCA-in, yes. L
orksecurity6 years ago
One caveat: Plasma screens, like CRTs, can be vulnerable to burn-in if a static image is displayed on them long enough. (Yes, I've seen it happen.) Not a problem if you're running fullscreen videos; may be a problem with some games or other programs which have relatively stable areas of the screen. Frankly, that's part of why plasma is the cheapest of the available large-screen technologies.
TXTCLA556 years ago
Yes, if your TV has a RCA input. Just make sure your laptop is set so that when you start it up and plug it in it will display to screen 2, not screen 1. This control can be found under properties when you right click on your desktop. Hope this helps!
I suppose that depends on what inputs your TV takes. Mine has a direct VGA input, as well as RCA