Will ukulele tuners work for a guitar?

Im making a cigar box guitar, and i have this old set of ukulele tuners i was planning on using, but im a little hesitant. would they be strong enough to take the tension from longer strings? i dont want to accidentally damage my guitar by finding out the hard way... 

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FinchbyFinch (author) 5 years ago
i was totally asking about the machine heads/tuning pegs/etc xD
Maybe. If are geared metal tuners they should work. if they are friction pegs they wont. just make sure to put the in the right way. the worm gear side should face the top of the peg head. This helps with tuning stability and reduces slippage.
Epond895 years ago
well, if it only has the base notes of a ukele (ie. a guitar tuner has EADGBE) a "ukelele tuner" would only have GCEA, what you can do is tune your top string to G, then pres on the 5th fret of G and that will be A (your goal towards the second string) tune the A to match the tone of the 5th fret of the the top E string. once you do that, move down one string and repeat the process. IE press on the 5th fret of A string to get a D. Repeat process for G string. When you tune the B string, you press on the 4th fret this time of the G string to get the tone of B. The last E will be the same tone as the 5th fret on the B string. Might not be the answer you wanted to hear, but learning to tune by ear isn't as hard as it seems and can be achieved with a decent amount of playing.
FinchbyFinch (author)  Epond895 years ago
i totaly meant the actual tuners... the machine heads/tuning pegs/etc.

lol, thank you though :)
Kiteman5 years ago
Since guitar tuners work for ukuleles, I would guess "yes".

(Actually, the local music shop my boys use doesn't sell "guitar tuners" or "ukulele tuners", it just sells "tuners". They're digital, clip on the knobbly end of the instrument, and are quite easy to work.)
Digital? I think he is asking about the machine heads.