Wind Turbine help??

Okay, so I'm making a small Wind Turbine to charge a couple of Rechargeable AAA batteries. But my problem is that the motor I'm using only generates voltage when moving clockwise and one of the fin designs I'm using spins it counterclockwise... So I tried a VAWT designs and it spins it clockwise but not very fast... I'll post pictures so you can see the designs. Thanks!!

Picture of Wind Turbine help??
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Re-design8 years ago
You can't just flip it. You have to build an new one where the blade angle is 90 degrees to the one you built. Looking at the picture of the "prop", the bottom blade points to the right. If that blade pointed to the left and the other 3 did the same thing, then air moving thru it would spin it in a clockwise direction. There is not way to make this prop spin your motor clockwise without gearing or pulleys.
Zem (author)  Re-design8 years ago
What would be an affective way to make a gear setup?
Re-design Zem8 years ago
With a small system you'll loose too much power in my opinion, but you need a way to mount the prop to a shaft and turn a gear that turns another gear that turns the motor. That would reverse it and make the motor go in the right direction. It might be good to look at the hobby shop for r/c car gearing or something like that. You need really good gears that mesh properly and bearings that have little friction. If you used pulleys you would do the same thing except mount the motor on the opposite side of the pulley so the the motor is in front of the prop. That would reverse the direction of the motor. It might just be easier to find a motor that generates in both directions.
Zem (author)  Re-design8 years ago
jj378 years ago
flip it?