Window Phone Nokia will work in USA ?

Hi guys i have Nokia lumia 610 that i brought from Bangkok and now am moving to USA but am not sure if it will work in USA. IF you guys know about this please give help with that :)

GSM phones will work in the US but we use a different set of GSM bands here then Europe does. You will need to talk to AT&T or T-mobile and see if the phone will work on there networks as they are the 2 GSM providers here.
mh76dk4 years ago
According to the phone is GSM/WCDMA networks only, and it is my understanding (as an ignorant european) that USA is mostly UMTS/CDMA. What you will need is a sim-card for an american provider that supports the networks your phone supports (And if i am right above, then you will not be able to use it)
mh76dk mh76dk4 years ago
If this coverage-map is correct, then it may be i am wrong and the phone could be used (then it comes down to them supporting the correct GSM bands (the MHz numbers))
mh76dk mh76dk4 years ago is the missing link from the above post ;-)