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Hello, I have been trying to install c++ on windows 95 with 2 versions of Bloodshed Dev.cpp software, When I installed it things were fine, but when I try to run the app I get an error that says "A required .DLL file, SHFOLDER.DLL was not found." Another version of Devcpp also meant for windows 95 gave me an error about a missing .DLL. I believe these are vital to the OS files and since they are missing it is a bad sign.What should I do to make it work without messing up my computer? Thanks for your help.

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Vyger4 years ago
If you do a Google search for that (SHFOLDER.DLL not found)  you will find all kinds of information. For example this site.

It is pretty rare that an error like this will be uncommon. So always do a search whenever something like this happens. Even the error codes that a BSD put up often lead you to solutions. It just takes a little homework. It is way better than the old days when you had to call some tech support number and wait all day just to get someone.
jbaker22 (author)  Vyger4 years ago
This does not completely help me, how do I install the app in ms-dos??
Vyger jbaker224 years ago
Well, Windows 95 is a 32 bit operating system while MS DOS is a 16 bit system. This is actually what the biggest advance in 95 was. Previously (Windows 3.1) the system actually started DOS and once it was booted up then Windows ran on top of it. It was possible and often common to run a game in MS DOS without ever starting Windows. Win 95 changed all that because it is a 32 bit system. So in order to run MS DOS you have to open a command prompt window within the Windows system. It is in the start menu under accessories I believe. Just open the window and you have a command prompt line.
Sometimes with stubborn file copying like the problem you are having we used to just use a second computer. You put the hard drive in the second computer and just copy the files you want over to it. Since it is not booted from it doesn't cause problems unless the file is write protected which you can turn off with no trouble.
WWC4 years ago
The missing .DLL file is not from Windows. It is from what ever program you installed, in this case Bloodshed. Uninstall the program completely. Then do a search for the program from the start button. If any parts of the program are found uninstall them. Next re install the program. If the .DLL is still missing the program is corrupt.
Secondly most modern games will not work on older operating systems. I think 95 has been out of service for a couple of decades.
XP no longer has company support.
Vyger WWC4 years ago
Windows 95 did (does) not have an uninstall. It was one of those little things that was an oversight. That is what gave rise to the utilities programs like Clean Sweep which tracked all the installs and made it possible to uninstall a program.
WWC Vyger4 years ago

Thanks for the correction.
jbaker22 (author)  WWC4 years ago
Star Trek fan?
jbaker22 (author)  Vyger4 years ago
Actually I did uninstall and reinstall it, did not work.
windows 95, i saw that in a museum. you might have to re install it, do you have the original FLOPPIES?
jbaker22 (author) 4 years ago
I went on that site, i am making sure my os is in good shape and how to fix the error best. Is this the way?