Wire a RCA Cable To A USB Connector

I am wondering if there is a way to wire an RCA cable into a USB Cable, for Video Signals. I know they make adapters for VGA to USB but what about RCA or AV. 

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frollard5 years ago
Something like


is needed -- they can be had for anywhere around 5 dollars to 50 dollars with different features.

The plugs are NOT WIRE COMPATIBLE. One carries analog video, the other carries usb DATA. The linked gadget takes the video signal, has a tiny computer on board that reads that data (like a webcam would, just skip the camera part) and spits out video to an appropriate program in the computer.

Beware if you plan to use one for video gaming onto a computer/laptop from a console; there is a significant delay in the conversion process (500ms+ for cheap models) so games become unplayable.

It's really designed to run a security camera.
+1... Although they also make them for video capture for pro use (transferring VHS to DVD, etc.), but even those have lag, so they wouldn't work for games either.
Graydant (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for all the advice I didn't know there was an adapter I wasn't trying to connect my gaming console to the computer, I just was looking for a cheaper way to connect my computer to my TV as a second monitor with out having to buy a Video card. I have A CRT TV that just has AV or well RCA connections.

I have a old useless Usb Web Cam, that has some sort of round device in between the cable and the Camera. But if something like the EasyCap USB Video Capture Adapter can connect to my TV I guess that would solve my problem.

Best Regards.

Note: I do have a converter box for my TV but I made the mistake of not getting one that had s-video so it only has AV and RCA hookups, along with RF.
I want to hook my laptop up to my tv. My TV only has the cable connection, but I have a RF adapter box (cable in, cable out, red, white, and yellow female connections are on it) My laptop has S- video.....
How can I, or, CAN I make my own cable? .... S-video to RCA plugsI have the parts to do it with right here at home, I cannot afford to go buy the RIGHT cable, if it's something I can make myself..
Any advice anyone?
lemonie5 years ago

iceng5 years ago
An RCA cable is only two signal wires.
A USB cable is four wires, 5 VDC and two high speed sig wires.

No, you have to have a converter box to turn analogue to digital

This has been asked before... so the same answer applies! ;)