Wire gauge vs diameter?

"For each earring, you'll need a 4 inch (10cm) piece of your larger gauge wire, about an arm's length of the wrapping wire"

As I understand it wire gauge is inversely proportional with wire diameter, so surely the larger gauge (26ga) wire would be the wrapping wire?

bekathwia4 months ago

You are correct about the way gauge works and which wire to use, but "larger gauge" is commonly understood to mean larger wire, lower number. Sorry it's confusing! =D

Lozt099 bekathwia2 months ago

I learned that the gauge system is based on how many times you have to pass the wire through a graduate file to get the size you want. So, you pass 16 times your wire to get 16 gauge, and 28 times to get 28 gauge. Each time you pass the wire through the file, the wire becomes thinner.

LedaLaters (author)  Lozt0992 months ago

Interesting, good to know, thanks!

LedaLaters (author)  bekathwia4 months ago

Ahhh, convention. I see. Thanks!