Wireless 24V LED commutator style connection?

I have a run of 24V LED strip lights which a customer would like installed on a sliding gate system.
I have seen this style of connection on the lighting systems for Ferris wheels
Does anyone know of an off the shelf power supply similar to this for 24VDC strip lights?

iceng3 years ago

Here is my concept of your wireless gate !!!

iceng3 years ago

The gate could be one wire, But use an isolating transformer.

OR the closing of the gate could be the other end of the contact and a battery would maintain the lights in transit......

What you want is actually a SLIP contact, not a commutator. I don't
know of a simple off the shelf system, but for two wires, low current,
and LEDs, you can roll your own.

What travel do you need ?

How much current do you want ?

Can you keep it covered ?

Also, use AC, not DC supply and rectify it on the gate.

If the travel is short, you could use a coiled cable, like a telephone cord.