Wireless switch?

I need to learn how to build a wireless switch that can turn something on like lets say a coilgun. I need it to be wireless so that i can stand back behind cover and fire my coilgun and do other things without harming myself or my classmates.

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R.A.T.M6 years ago
i have a few good ideas but i need to know somthing

do u have to fire it or can it be on a timer
will ther be any inerfiernic like uf or inferred
can the switch that fires it be plugd in let me know
budhaztm (author)  R.A.T.M6 years ago
I have to fire it when i choose, no timer
I dont know about infrared, i can consider using an old tv remote
It cant be plugged in, it has to be 95% portable
try taking a remote controlled car and wer one of the motors hook in put a relay that fires it relays are beater than switches any way and take the remote and use one of the switches to turn on the car voila
budhaztm (author)  R.A.T.M6 years ago
pretty good idea but i dont really know much about relays and i have yet to find an r/c car.
radio controlled cars are something ive been looking for for a while
really u cant finde one wer do u liv
budhaztm (author)  R.A.T.M6 years ago
not really. i live in a small town in the middle of a basin
can u order them online any one will work like the small 5 dollar ones at a drug store or a small store but can u order them
budhaztm (author)  R.A.T.M6 years ago
i CAN order them, i just dont really want to. im only a sophomore in high school and dont have a job. i used to have a very small r/c car but i got rid of it a while ago
oooo that sucks umm do u have a raidoshack or an electronic strore near you many even a source of parts i have another idea
budhaztm (author)  R.A.T.M6 years ago
the radio shack ran out of business here. but please, tell me your idea anyway
well u could make this and have a toggle switch that turns it on and off then in stead of the led use a relay use this as the triggering yuo can  put it in a little box that you but battier power to it then it will fire the gun
the down side a tv remote can fire the coil gun or any remote control that's y i asked if there wass any infrared interference

and i wold suggest a height power infrared light the one that i have on there might work but you cant stand to far back with a height power one it will b about 10ft
budhaztm (author)  R.A.T.M6 years ago
That just might work. I just don't want to be right next to the thing
oh you can be 1-10 ft away but the futher u are the more powerful of a ir you need
randofo6 years ago
It might just be easier to run a very long wire.
And much more reliable (read safer). A home brew wireless switch maybe sensitive to the high power magnetic etc.