Wiring a USB to speakers

I want to wire a usb female end to my speakers so I can use the ipod connector instead of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, how would I wire it up?, the usb has 4 colored wires red, blk, wht, grn, and a bare wire. My speaker wires have 1 pos. and 1 neg.  So, how would I wire the usb to work?.

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Burf8 years ago
You don't. All you will get is 5 volts of DC electrical current running through your speakers, probably frying them in the process or an unintelligible static or buzz if you tap the data line.
You will have to run your speakers off a computer sound card or a device such as an ipod, radio, etc.
sabre Burf7 years ago
wont mosst computers have a usb-sound card standard now anyway?
briackman sabre7 years ago
no, if you want to run speakers through a usb port you'll need this:  http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.22475.
lemonie8 years ago
You wouldn't. The USB connector is for charging the iPod and data transfer - it doesn't output audio, that is what the jack is for.
Look around here:


You need a USB/sound converter.