Wiring a cb or ham radio microphone?

Hi. I've constructed a 40 metre transceiver. The mike wiring diagram shows ( mic signal / mic ground /ptt / ptt ground).  Can anyone tell me the correlation with  (common / rx / tx / audio)
Thanks Ken

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Since you haven't gotten an amateur radio guru here, Google for amateur radio or amateur radio microphone and contact your local amateur radio club or one of the amateur radio web sites like this one http://mds975.co.uk/Content/amateur_radio_projects....

kadamak (author) 1 year ago

Sorry I should have been more specific it was built from a kit.

kadamak (author)  kadamak1 year ago

Passed my Foundation test last week and waiting on acknowledgement.

rickharris1 year ago

without seeing a cct diagram I am guessing:

Common = ground

audio= mic signal


rx = no idea.

It may be that the plug expects you to use a headset/Mic so the rx is the audio feed for the headset. The talk may be VOX controlled.

I assume you know the laws about transmitting?

verence1 year ago

Err, you say, you constructed it. Just have a look in your build-documentation. Hope, you documented any step of your design process.