Wiring a salvaged CD drive eject tray mechanism and motor into a car?

Hi everyone. I'm making a custom back-up camera monitor mount for my brother's car. He doesn't live in a great neighborhood, so we want it to be hidden when not in use. We were just going to conceal it in an unused cubbyhole drawer under the radio, and he could pull it out and push it back in as needed. But as I was sitting at my PC, I bumped the DVD eject button and it occurred to me that we could spend a little more effort and have it be powered using a salvaged CD drive.

I'm not an electronics guy, but I've pulled apart an old CD drive and the motor and gearing system seem fairly straight forward. The car is 12v DC, obviously, and the eject tray motor is also DC, but the spec. sticker on the motor is unreadable, so I don't know the voltage.  There's an obvious limiter switch in the mount that flips when the tray is fully extended, and what looks to be another one on the circuit board that flips when it's closed.

Can anyone help me with wiring on this? I'd like to have it so he either presses a concealed switch to open and close the drawer, or possibly have it tie into the switch that activates the back-up lights.


drkillbot (author) 3 years ago


Yes, it was a PC CD drive. I've got a few more in my PC junk box, so I think I'll try to pull another one and see if the specs are legible.

Joe: Yes, button circuit help is what I'm looking for most, and no, we don't want it to be remote controlled.

If it was on your PC 5 volts is most likely but not guaranteed.

If it is 5 volts an LM7805 will convert the 12 volts to 5 volts no problem and you can get the schematic off the net by Googling "Voltage Regulator".

The trick is making the button circuit to make it go in and out.

And would you like that remote controlled.


The CD ROM uses 12V on it's power connector. Conect it to the car battery and your good to go.