With what can I paint/decorate PVC rain boots?

It's rainy season in Mexico and I just bought a pair of black PVC boots that I would like to decorate myself, but I don't know what kind of water-proof paint I can use on this material or if maybe vinyl transfer/stickers are a good idea. Any suggestions?

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CrLz7 years ago
You could adapt PVC patch materials and kits to decorate your boots. Vinyl patch material can be bought in primary colors. Cut these into decorations and adhere these on to your boots.

If you search around, some of the industries that use PVC may have some interesting items to attach.

For example rubber rafting / kayaking:
  • Attaching D-rings could make an industrial-look or something more playful if you lace the rings up.
  • An outdoorsy-theme could come from application of the female+male strap fittings.
Post your work, would be a nice Instructable!
Colorful PVC.jpgpvc repair kit.jpgPVC D Rings.jpgPVC F-Snap connect.jpgPVC M-Snap connect.jpg
elenabw2010 (author)  CrLz7 years ago
Great ideas!!!! Thanks! I'll sure post the results. I think I am going for some vinyl bugs...
Felixe7 years ago
Maybe you could also apply a coat of some barnish / enamel to protect the finish even longer. I don't know which specific product, though.
elenabw2010 (author)  Felixe7 years ago
If I go with the sticker idea, I think applying some sort of protective coating over it would be a good thing... Thanks ;)
Burf7 years ago
Krylon "Fusion" spray paint. It is made for plastics and bonds well to PVC. Just make sure you use the "Fusion"  variety of Krylon paint and it should do a nice job for you.
elenabw2010 (author)  Burf7 years ago
I don't know if this specific brand exists in Mexico, but I'll definitely look for it! Thanks a lot!
yokozuna7 years ago
Puff paint, like this instructable uses would be a good choice. I'm still a bit confused as to whether or not she's angry though. :)
elenabw2010 (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
I don't think puff paint will last long on the boots, but thanks for the tip and the link. I might try putting it on my face on Halloween maybe...