Wooden spoon floating?

My mom was cooking a pot of soup in the kitchen while i was sitting in the next room over, then suddenly she called me in, I asked why, she said for me to hurry, and when i got there is saw the strangest thing in my life. There was a wooden spoon standing on end wobbling around as if someone had their finger on the  edge of the bowl shaped part. it was standing at about a 40- 45* angle , witch is clearly impossible with a wooden spoon. When my mom moved it she siad it felt as if a magnet was pulling on it.

She moved it completely away then inspected it put it back int he same spot and nothing happened.

I don't think this is an answerable question just thought id share it,
I also don't think my mom was trying to trick me cause she's not that smart  and has never done a single magic trick in her life. This was just too weird.

I could get a pic of the spoon if you want.

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It could have been the balance of the spoon combined with the angle at which it was set down doing it, though it just as easily could be completely unexplainable.
I know it was not the angle it was put down that would be a phenomenon in itself getting the spoon to balance in any dirrection other than on it's flat side or rounded backside

I am a little freaked out that this could have been a paranormal experience.
Ah! its okay kid the spoon was just being used by the invisible kitchen gnomes (the good twin brothers of the evil underwear gnomes)
lol evil underwear gnomes, you got that from southpark right?
of course I did but in that episode they are not evil
true but they did kill kenny
EVERYONE kills Kenny.
and its awesome
but yeah he dies in so many fantastic ways i forgive everyone that kills him
yeah but since they are so awesome in that episode i will forgive them
Well, I've done something similar with an oddly weighted half-circle, so it can work with a spoon, too.
AndyGadget7 years ago
I suggest your mom leaves out those strange mushrooms next time she's making soup ;¬)
Burf7 years ago
Easy. A wooden spoon becomes water and oil saturated on the spoon end. It loses buoyancy and the spoon end sinks in liquids bbut the handle portion is still buoyant enough to float. Thus the spoon stands near the vertical. The solids at the bottom of the soup are most likely holding it in a relatively stable position in the pot.
the_burrito_master (author)  Burf7 years ago
We're talking about on a flat surface on a dry counter top.

As was I. The pot is too shallow and the handle not sufficiently buoyant to lift the spoon perfectly vertical.
Put the spoon in a large glass jar filled to about the same depth as the pot. Drop the spoon in the jar and it will be apparent what is happening.
frollard Burf7 years ago
I think he's referring to JUST a spoon on JUST a counter...which would be perplexing.
Burf frollard7 years ago
Ah, okay. Then the answer seems obvious, a mischievous Dryad trapped in the spoon is trying to escape. :)
frollard Burf7 years ago

Or, the spoon is trying to escape. The truth is, there is no spoon. One must not try to balance the spoon, but rather, the will of the spoon.
Sorunome7 years ago
Mabe Harry Potter visited youre house! :P
Re-design7 years ago
It's evidence that the gravitational field is shifting.
the_burrito_master (author)  Re-design7 years ago
hmm, possible, but wouldn't it effect us as well not just a spoon.