Working without damaging the wire..?

So I've tried wire work a couple of times & one of the biggest problems I have is scratching or otherwise damaging the wire (typically dead soft). Any suggestions?

bekathwia10 months ago

Move with more intention and attention to detail. Try different shaped pliers, and use nylon-jawed pliers for anything you can get away with. Jewelry is a craft that takes lots of practice! It can be frustrating to scratch a piece of silver you've already sanded, I feel ya on that one.

kscott (author)  bekathwia9 months ago

Hmmm. I've tried using the nylon jawed plier covers & they are ripped up by the end of a piece. Is the damage issue because I'm using dead soft? Or that the plier covers are just useless? Could you recommend a brand & style of good nylon jawed pliers or several (:))?