Would a 18.15 mA, 3.2 V solar cell have a strong enough output to charge 4 1.2 V 400 mAh batteries?

I'm currently working on a project that uses 1 Solar Yard Light cell to charge up 4 SYL batteries and am not sure if the cell, (rated at 3.268 V and 18.15 mA), would be strong enough to charge up 4 SYL batteries. The batteries are rated at 400mAh capacity; Fast Charge Rate is 400 mA; Standard Charge Rate is 80 mA.

Also, could I just wire the cell directly into the battery pack or would I have to wire it into the circuit board that came with the solar cell?

Any help on this subject would be very much appreciated! :)

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sshuggi6 years ago
If you wired the batteries in parallel, you could. This simple change up means less voltage and higher amps. If you need to have the 4.8V, you could put a switch in that makes them in parallel for charging and series for use. Here's a pretty basic outline for series and parallel batteries that you may find helpful.
iceng sshuggi6 years ago
Batteries in parallel are more current !
Batteries in series are more voltage ! !

BucketBasher (author) 6 years ago
Another thing I wanna do is connect a USB port to the system to charge up my 5V gizmos. Would I have to attach a 5V regulator or something to increase/decrease the voltage to the correct amount?
Re-design6 years ago
No. A charger has to be slightly more powerful than the battery it is charging.
iceng Re-design6 years ago