Would a forklift motor be overkill for a (stretched) 49cc quad bike conversion?

I Have a childrens 49cc quad bike that I'm stretching to 6 feet long, and converting into a 'party quad' with a sound sytem and lights (which will be removable). Will a (big) forklift motor running on 12-24v be overkill for it? Or should I 'accquire' the motor and try it out? And if I do get the motor, where would I find a relay/solenoid powerful enough?

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joeofloath (author) 8 years ago
Then I shall find a motor :) I wonder how long it would last on 4 car batteries in series... (48v for those who CBA to work it out).
joeofloath (author)  joeofloath8 years ago
I found a 24v hydraulic pump motor today. I reckon it would work perfectly! Time to get acquiring.
joeofloath (author)  joeofloath8 years ago
I can't get the pump off the end of the motor... ARGH!
paganwonder8 years ago
You should do this BECAUSE it is over-kill. If you're going to make a statement-SHOUT. Skunkbait and lemonie are on the right track.
skunkbait8 years ago
That's definitely overkill. But overkill can be awesome! I'd use the controls and relay/solenoid from the forklift. If they aren't available, you might could scavenge some old parts from an old electric golf-cart.
yourcat8 years ago
lemonie8 years ago
The big forklift motor is going to be heavy as well as big. But the obvious answer for control gear is "same source as the motor".