Would this work?

i am really interested in making some LEDS blink to my stereo speakers. i found a couple of good instructables but most of the pictures are too blurry. from my understanding i think this will work but i want to double check with you guys incase it stuffs up my speakers or something else. btw, there are no good eletrical or hobby shops near me, i only have wire, and a couple of LEDs and a soldering iron. thnx in advance!!!

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knektek7 years ago
I wouldnt use this setup. I would use a transistor but it wont blink.
woutervddn7 years ago
 if I were you, I should use an opamp..
Add a series resistor and try it. I think you'll be surprised how loud the speaker has to be to respond. There's a very good reason why this approach isn't used !