Would ticks be able to come out of your skin with tweezers?

Tweezers are the only supplies that I have but I do not know if it is sanitary enough.

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adam 1015 years ago
I'm curious, is using a small amount of rubbing alcohol of acetone a bad idea?
Soccerzing6 (author)  adam 1015 years ago
Im not sure?
Well, it would help sterilize the site. I have no idea what effect it would have on the tick.
orksecurity5 years ago
Just to reinforce a key word: "Gently". Ideally, you want to persuade the tick to let go before its head gets pulled off. And it's preferable not to squeeze hard enough to squirt more of the tick's fluids into the wound, in case it is carrying a disease.

If you can't remove it gently, just remove it -- but do try to persuade it out first.
Soccerzing6 (author)  orksecurity5 years ago
Ok. Thanks