Would you buy an Xbox Live App in the app store for $1?

Not the ones currently in the app store. I'm in the process of making one and it will be amazing!

A.C.E.7 years ago
wait.. youre making an xbox live app?  how will it work, like what will it do, and i didnt know you had a mac :P  i definately need to get leopard onto this netbook haha well my 360 is banned (got it from my cousin after he had already modded it and banned it and gotten another one sooo) but if i can manage to trade it into this one sap that works at my local gamestop for an unbanned one than i might buy it.
A.C.E. A.C.E.7 years ago
oh and also wouldnt you need to get a bunch of OKs from microsoft to even use the name, let alone allow users to do something like modify their account?
conradev (author)  A.C.E.7 years ago
I was gonna make it, but theres already one called Friendz. its great