Would you prefer to use Oodammo or yellow rods in a knex war??

Would you prefer to use Oodammo or yellow rods in a knex war?? I am working on a new gun and I want to know. Thanks Killer~SafeCracker

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smilee8 years ago
For me I would say oodammo because i can never get yellow rods to go straight.
personally I like yellow rods better than oodammo for a few reasons 1. I got like 200 yellow rods off the net for ammo 2. they are less bulky in your pocket 3. there is really only two ways of making an oodammo repeater, stacked mag and turret 72.5 oodammo guns that use firing pins must have the bullet right at the end of the pin and basicly no fake barrel or anything in front
Yellow rod for assault rifle guns, oodammo for pistols, red rods for snipers, ball socket tip red rods for extreme snipes.
look up oodmmo AR on instructables, it has a fake barrel.
uhmm no u can definitley build a barrel around a oodammo gun
Whats wrong with it at the front? Besides, I'm going to post for sure a mini pocket oodammo gun that has a mag of 4-5
for one its unrealistic
??? What? Its got no handle! The gun is the handle, and the barrel is real short
Okay....walking away.....
TigerNod8 years ago
Depends on your situation. As logic boy said, yellows are more practical. As knex freek said, oodammos are more accurate
KnexFreek8 years ago
oodammo, because it increases range and accuracy.
sprout_less8 years ago
i like the accuracy of oodammo but i would use yellow rods because they are easy to find
I agree with knexsuperbulderfreak cause you need the right size ammo for the right size gun
that would depend on the gun i would say
DJ Radio8 years ago
I would want to use yellow rods, because more guns use yellow rods than oodammo, so there would be more variety. However, if it was something like Ooda's Michigan knex war in Ohio, I would use an oodammo gun.
knexsniper18 years ago
yellow rods because for my sniper, it works perfectly, and it is very reliable to use. plus it is less bulky and requires less pieces, so you don't have to carry so many pieces around with you. whenever i shoot the yellow rods from my sniper, they always shoot straight, and oodammo, as far as ive tried, does not shoot very far straight, it spins in the air. so i would have to say yellow rods.