Write a single assembly program that does the following:?

a. Prompts user to enter student name into a buffer and display the name in all CAPITAL letters.
b. Prompts user to enter student number into a buffer and display the student number in ascending order.
c. Prompts user to enter marks for lab test (15%), mid-term (15%) and assignment (15%) if overall mark is more than 20, display ‘satisfactory’. Otherwise display ‘unsatisfactory’.
d. Store the result for each task in memory.

please help me immediately ide 68k..i cant make the coding 

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orksecurity7 years ago
Write it as three separate smaller programs (a, b, and c), each of which stores the result in memory appropriately (d). Then hook a/b/c together in a single program. Done.

What have you tried? What are you stuck on? I'm not going to do your homework for you, nor am I fluent in 68000-family assembler, but if you have specific questions someone might give you some hints.

Or might not.
Its too hardware specific, or at least implementation. Where is his keyboard mapped ? What is the display ? WHERE is the display. Where/what memory ?
Good points. If this is running under an operating system, that may hide some of these details... but then the question is which opsys.
ryoki (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
my lecture did not teach us yet but we have to submit it...anyone can help me
Have you tried asking the TA?
seandogue7 years ago
omg, they're still teaching 68k coding for assembly? Wow...

I reached for my old book from the 80s to assist, but when I touched it, it simply fell into a pile of dust. ;-)

I'd suggest you enter "68000 assembly language for beginners" into a search window and start learning. There are ample resources on the net written by some very accomplished and experienced coders, much of which is designed to assist with the fundamentals you'll need to do something in CS or engineering beyond getting credit.
lemonie7 years ago

What language do you have to do this in?

ryoki (author)  lemonie7 years ago
using assembly..can you help me..please
lemonie ryoki7 years ago
ryoki (author) 7 years ago
ide 68k..it is not my homework..i already tried to do it but failed
Ask whoever assigned it to you for a few hints. Or ask specific questions. The goal is for YOU to learn how to to this.

(It's clearly someone's homework. Nobody puts that set of trivial functions together and tells people to do it in assembler except as a homework problem.)
Tricky homework assignment. Not too bad if you break it down into simpler tasks.

Which chip are you programming for ?

We can't do your homework, not least because assembler is really hardware specific.