Y is this ?

i installed new mobo but audio is not working... i'm running windows 7 32 bit.. i think it's drivers error ..  i haven't installed audio drivers i can't find them ..

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ishan udyoga (author) 3 years ago

it's work after installing realtek ac'97 drivers, thanks

Vyger3 years ago

2008 BIOS ? Is this "new" just out of the box or new as in I just got it from someone? If it is used the sound chip might be bad.

Vyger Vyger3 years ago

I forgot to mention that the sound chip might also be turned off in the BIOS. If the previous owner used a seperate sound card they would have disabled the on board one.

...so find the motherboard data, or fit an external sound card, or use a LiveCD version of Linux, like Knoppix to isolate the chipset data, and use the chipset maker's drivers....