You can flag your own comments?


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kelseymh8 years ago
So that the server software that generates the "flag" link, and the software that processes it, can be more general, without special cases. If it doesn't have to do comparisons about who wrote the comment vs. who is logged in to flag it, that's fewer things that can go wrong.
miiwii38 years ago
no watch i will look for the thing that say flag this comment. i can only flag it if i log out and come back and flag it as a guest. oh and i know this isn't the right place to ask this but why does it take so long for instructables to publish my questions? it takes like 5-10 hours each time.
miiwii3 miiwii38 years ago
actuallly forget what i just said u can i will flag my next reply as not nice
miiwii3 miiwii38 years ago
i will flag this
i will flag this too
miiwii38 years ago
oh i thought u were asking if u could not why.