You might want to hit safety a little harder?

You might even go so far as to mention the Stop Saw. I'm not affiliated, I don't even own one, yes they are expensive but they cost less than the medical bills for a single table-saw incident, and that's not even going into the missing digits that money doesn't restore. If it's never happened to you, count yourself fortunate - while I was in rehab for a tiny nick off the end of my left thumb (carelessness and bad judgement combined, yes, but a Stop Saw would have protected me from my own stupidity), I met dozens of fellow amputees, and the villain in 50% of the cases was a table, most of the rest were industrial band saws (the more time you spend near them, the more likely you are to have a bad-judgement day), and one odd fellow who managed to remove several fingers with a hand-held skill saw. The common thing here: everyone was cutting wood - making things.

If it were only about money, I'd already have a Stop Saw - for me, it's about space in the garage and infrequent use of the woodworking tools, so a small lightweight (read: cheap) table saw is the best fit for my needs at this time. If I had the space, I'd get a bigger safer saw. If I did more woodworking, I'd make the space for the tools.

mikeasaurus8 months ago

This is all covered in Lesson 1, Step 1.

I think you did a good work, except you forget to mentioned hearing protection. There was some on the photo, but you didn't mentioned them in the text.
Cut finger and loss of hearing can't be replaced.

Vyger8 months ago

Saw stop saws at first look appear to be great but one big problem is the cost of them just keeps going. If the mechanism is triggered the force of stopping the blade destroys the mechanism and you have to replace the not just the blade but the whole stop mechanism and the last I knew that all by itself was over $300. Another problem is they sometimes trigger for things other than a finger. If you have wood that is wet or even has some frost or snow on it that can cause the stop mechanism to trigger, bang another 300 gone. There are other issues as well, so while they are good they have some improveing to do.

fred_8 months ago

Using the push sticks and proper position will go a long way towards keeping your fingers attached. Also you may want to do a little research on them, you may want to avoid rewarding them with a purchase.