Your sightly curved or bent needle?

I notice in the pictures that your needle is slightly curved or bent. Is this:

1. Something that just happened over time.

2. Something you did to your needle on purpose. (I wonder if you can bend a needle without breaking - I tried to make a sharp bend in one with pliers when I was a kid for a science experiment and it promptly snapped like a twig.)

3. Something you can buy if you know the secret handshake at the fabric store.

jessyratfink2 months ago

It's just something that happens over time! I tend to use my needles until they break, so the curved ones are really just my favorites at the time. :D

Plus, they're great for weaving the flowers, so I like to keep them around for that!

You can buy curved needles, too, but the curve in those is much more pronounced so I'm not a big fan. Here's some on amazon: http://a.co/4fpW0QF