a good prototype bridge?

I found none that are good can you please help

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elijahrose243 months ago

how would I build a bridge and what materials would i use

rickharris3 months ago

For a guitar?

For a card game?

For a river?

Foe a bridge building contest?

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Search first, ask second.

adamray2106 (author)  rickharris3 months ago

sience fair

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adamray2106 (author)  rickharris3 months ago

thank you

Clearly not for a spelling bee.

iceng3 months ago

Good that you have some activity on your home page about truss bridges, otherwise I could not help because my mind reading crystal ball is in for its yearly service polish at the crystal ball factory..

What is GOOD ? Wood-balsa, wood-coffee-stir-sticks, metal-soldered or metal welded ??


Some pics of a ten yr old bridge that once held 35lbs..

You may need to click the pics to see the entire image...