a resestor inside household items?

is there any resestors hidden inside any household items? i dont want to spend so much at my local Source-by curcit city

orksecurity8 years ago
Almost any component-based (as opposed to single-IC) electronic device will contain a few resistors. Whether any of them are of the resistance and wattage rating you need for your circuit is a different matter; your odds of finding exactly the right one aren't very good unless you're looking for a value that happens to be very commonly used. And of course these days the resistors may be surface-mount components rather than the traditional sizes, and hence less useful to a hobbyist. Given how cheap resistors are, though -- last I checked, even at inflated Radio Shack prices they were under 75 cents each -- I really don't think this is going to be the make-or-break item for your project. And you can get them cheaper if you mailorder from a real electronics supply house rather than someone like Circuit City who really wants to sell $1000 TVs rather than $1 components.
Rainh2o8 years ago
remember those old VCRs also...most have a few resistors in them. Old CB radios would be a good source also...basiically anything electronic and "old" is a good source. Even some kids toys
lemonie8 years ago
Old TVs and stereo systems are a great source of components. Especially as they tend to get thrown out often. L
Jayefuu8 years ago
You can pick up mixed bags of resistors for less than 1 cent per resistor from ebay.com