accumulator # immediate data ?

hello ,
What I need to know  if I want to load the immediate value  into the accumulator

accumulator # immediate data
accumulator is  8 bit, assume  address of accumulator is  11 10 01 01
temporary register is  8 bit  that hold Immediate data 00 00 00 11
Instruction register

LD A, # 00 00 00 11

this is 2 byte instruction
first  byte is 11 10 01 01
second byte is 00 00 00 11

lets assume that first byte is opcode , store into instruction register  This is the first instruction fetch cycle.
fetch , decode , and execute
how to decode and execute the first byte instruction

iceng2 years ago

Accumulators have a designation code and a load immediate is a code based on the ML for that function with an 8 bit immediate value.

You may want to study micro language.

vead (author) 2 years ago


I made three diagram. I don't understand how to make common data bus
first diagram show the CPU register and Memory
In second diagram ,cpu register read data from memory

load data.jpgwrite data from memory.jpgread data from memory.jpg