adding a stitch?

I started out with 30 stiches on the recieving needle , now I count 35, how does this happen?

bekathwia9 months ago

There are lots of ways that can happen! Adding stitches is most likely to occur when you turn the row, either by not completing the last stitch, keeping the new loop and the old loop in the receiving needle, or at the beginning of the next row by the same error. Count your stitches every row, then visually find the error by comparing your work to the pictures in the lesson. You can also post a pic here and if I can see the stitches I'll help diagnose!

Peter_56 (author)  bekathwia9 months ago

thanks for quick response. I think I was noticing up the extra nation at the start of a new row. Now I am more focused and count torches at the end of each I am having success. Will finish up this scarf and am looking forward to continuing with lessons