advice for a simple sturdy saw horse design, please??

Having recently moved into a new home, I should get down and try some simple DIY for myself without having to book the handyman.  First thing I should make is a work bench, or a saw bench (hand saw only)

I searched for sawhorses and found several, but: I have a lower-spine injury that means I can't bend too much or for too long; I don't have much back, shoulder or arm strength, so sawing is an ordeal - more of an ordeal is trying to keep the damn wood still - at the moment it skates all over the place, i can't even cut 1x1s.  So I'd need to fit something that'd hold the wood still and be able to use both hands on the saw.  

Would anyone have any ideas?  maybe a slight tweak to an existing model that would help me?  I'd want to cut flat wood later, but at the moment I need to cut the frames, 1x1s and 2d2s.

I'd love to have a table saw, it'd be so much easier to cut with, but ... I'm also visually impaired and have never used a power tool other than a drill, and I sort of like my fingers where they are, attached to my hand!  And my vision also don't help me to get a good position to saw effectively; i have to get close to see what i'm doing.

So really, I need a sawhorse high enough that i don't have to bend too much, but low enough that I can put what weight i have into my shoulder.  Know I'm asking a lot, but does anyone have any [polite!!!] suggestions?



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Burf3 years ago

I would recommend you get something like this:

It will handle most of the jobs you would ever tackle and probably doesn't cost much more than the price of the the materials you would need to build an adequate bench.

rickharris3 years ago
HelenaTroy (author)  rickharris1 year ago

thanks, dear, I'll check them out

HelenaTroy (author) 3 years ago

thanks for the links and advice! I'll be checking them all out.

I'm not sure about power tools, never having used one other than a drill, and I'm not sure of my ability to use one safely, given my vision. I'd love a power saw! but it'd have to be so guarded that there'd be little room to cut anything bigger than a matchstick!

Use what your comfortable with - For many years craftsmen (and Women) made everything with hand tools. We have become lazy.

HelenaTroy (author)  rickharris1 year ago

It's not that I don't want to use hand tools, but I'm visually impaired and have a back injury that had knock-on effects on my arms and shoulders: I simply have very little physical strength, even if I could see what I was doing!

Hello, Long time to reply! I see that you have managed to sort out a work mate. Hopefully your still in possession of all your fingers.

A miter box will help you stay on track. Possibly a chop saw - a kind of circular saw in a frame could be useable for you. Really only you can decide on that.

Sounds like you need to invest in power tools before you try building anything. Get yourself a decent miter saw and your set for most sawing jobs.

HelenaTroy (author)  mpilchfamily1 year ago

I'm visually impaired and have never used power tools before, apart from an electric drill. I doubt whether this is a good time to start experimenting with power saws and the like: I like my fingers where they are, attached to my hands!

HelenaTroy (author) 3 years ago

Thank you all for your helpful suggestions. I went to B+Q yesterday and bought a small workmate-type thing (a real Workmate is a brand name and costs more!). I'll get the mitre box and tenon saws next time, but for now, just being able to hold wood still while it's sawn will be a bonus!

I have a sort of idea for a "safe table saw", not being even slightly techy I don't know if it'll work at all, but I need to try to get some firm idea, or at least a coherent description of what I have in mind.

Thanks all for your input, it's all very much appreciated

Triclaw3 years ago