air gun for deer hunting?

bow hunting only need quiet gun

tetra2817 days ago

Get a benjamin rogue .357. They are only as loud as a .22 rimfire but can kill deer at 75 yards or greater.

Lokisgodhi2 years ago
There are two issues at play here. Legality and physical ability to take a deer.

As for legality, you need to check with your local agency that makes the rules.

As  for physical ability, there are airguns that can take a deer.

I recommend the Quackenbush.
Bit late but... You need 25 ft lbs of energy BARE MINIMUM to kill a deer with a headshot.

This pistol can shoot up to 30 ft lbs of energy.

Or you can go for the rifle version, which shoots with an impressive 60 ft lbs.

I have a friend who has successfully killed three deer with the Evanix AR6 rifle.
you do NOT have to have a minimum of 25 ft lbs to kill a deer, there's people that kill rabbits easily at 100 yards with a SUB-12 ft lbs air rifle. I have about a 22 ft lbs benjamin marauder that i KNOW will kill a deer in side of 50 yards and maybe farther. im just saying what i know not trying to be an as***** :)
For rabbits the energy required is about 5.5 ft lbs for a humane kill with a .177 pellet. Larger bore pellets need less energy for the same kill. Also, when I said bare minimum, bear in mind I say that as a guideline for a humane kill. It is entirely possible to kill a deer with 15 ft lbs, however it won't be much fun to watch it slowly die.

As to that M-rod, what caliber is it? The .25 and .22 will probably take out deer no questions asked, although I am a bit doubting as to the .177.

Oh, and as to the original question, none of these PCP air rifles will be quiet (except the M-Rod). Especially the big bores, like .40, .50 and so on. They are about he same as a .22 powderburner in terms of sound.
my mrod is a .22. and a .357 benjamin rouge is quite and very powerful.
PKTraceur5 years ago
If you have any skill at all, literally, a quater coin marksman, Id get the GAMO Whisper, it has an integrated silencer, apparently silencing about 60% Calibur is .177, im not sure on the FPS. If you do go hunting with this, deer hunting, either shoot through one of the eyes, or from behind, about where the spine connects to the head, thus destroying its nervous system, so no pain onto the deer. Or, you just miss and cripple it for it;s life, and makes you feel like a jerk... . . . . Start practicing on washers ... : ) -PKT
Don't use a .177 springer on deer. Seriously, it's inhumane. Buy something ATLEAST in .22, and 950+ fps with heavyweights.
 do u think the gamo big cat 1200 is any good? thinking about buying it...
dean141112 years ago
I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. you do NOT have to have a minimum of 25 ft lbs to kill a deer as some of the other comments said, there's people that kill rabbits easily at 100 yards with a SUB-12 ft lbs air rifle. I have about a 22 ft lbs benjamin marauder that im sure it will kill a deer in side of 50 yards and maybe farther. it would be better to have a higher ft lbs gun than a 22 ft lbs but i feel confident that it will kill one, im just saying what i know and not trying to be an know it all.
jcooper922 years ago
See im from kansas and you can legally hunt deer with an air rifle as long as it shoots a projectile .45 cal or bigger and matches the balistics to humanley kill the animal
djzadjza3 years ago
lucien2373 years ago
If you can match the ballistics of an acceptable firearm caliber then yes it's legal. The manner of propulsion isn't specified for hunting as far as I know, so as long as you can get say a .40 diameter projectile up to say around 1800 fps with comparable energy of a .40 bullet fired from a legal firearm, then said airgun would also be legal. And yes they are similar in noise to a firearm due to the speed of the projectile breaking the sound barrier if they're fast enough, and noise is also generated from the air displacement of releasing the required pressure. But as I said in principle so long as you achieve similar destructive results from the projectile then it's just as legal as a combustion powered weapon.
ztevo5 years ago
No it is not illegal!

The laws vary from state to state and country to country in the UK hunting deer with air guns has been common for years, people have been hunting deer in the USA with airguns for over 200 years. Lewis and Clark used a repeating airgun in 1803 to hunt deer and to scare the Indians into submission. Lewis in Clark had 20 men up against thousands of Indians but the repeating airgun made the Indians think twice about attacking and the Indians didn't know they only had one such gun

The australian military was ussing repeating air rifles in the 1780 they were very deadly and could fire 20 times before reloading compared to the single shot black powder rifles of the time, the airgun was a true assault weapon, when cartridges became regurley available the airgun died in popularity because it became faster to load a cartridge gun then a compressed air gun crtige guns are also simpler and cheaper to build the a quality airgun.

To legally hunt deer you will need a large caliber airgun 40 caliber is the minimum allowed in Missouri and it varies from state to state, you can also use pneumatic arrow launchers which look like a paintball gun with a thin barrel, a arrow slides over the barrel and is launched with air.

deer, pigs, sheep eve buffalo legally harvested with airguns
Nope it is in virginia, and almost every other state I don't have a clue were you get that Lewis and Clark think from I don't think they had air guns, but feel free to prove my wrong.
what,?  WTF"but feel free to prove my wrong"  . Just read the links posted on my responce that you are responding to or use google,  this is all readily available information.   Your ignorance does not  make other people wrong .

And don't make crap up,  It is not illegal to hunt deer in Virginia with an air gun, as long as the user follows the same rules that apply to other rifle hunters,  it is illegal in Virginia to hunt deer  with a rifle or slugs in must places if you are not at least 10 feet above the ground in a tree stand,  same goes for big bore air guns,  muzzle loaders and shot gun slugs unless the hunter is disabled.

here are the virgina hunting laws for you to  refrense
"Rifles (including air rifles) may be used for taking wild animals and wild birds, except migratory game birds and waterfowl, and where prohibited by local ordinances."
owendrake5 years ago
You should check out this link. They sell airrow barrels for the Ruger 10-22 and 77-22 rimfire rifles. It is supposed to be extremely quiet and accurate and plenty powerful enough to take down a deer. I'm not about to fork over $400 for a barrel that isn't even rifled. I'm in the process of building my own gun based on this principle.
cageordie5 years ago
Most places don't allow deer huntting with airguns. Air guns that are able to kill a deer cleanl with a body shot are at least as loud as many firearms. A head shot from a powerful airgun will probably kill a small deer at short range, but you'd need to hit a thin part of the skull to be certain of a fatal shot. Just not a good idea.
NCRatSniper5 years ago
LEGAL, JUST NOT SMALLBORE! Dennis Quackenbush makes buffalo guns... or a Career Dragonslayer... Still very loud though.
Doveman5 years ago
Maby not illegal, just stupid. That .177 or .22 pellet is not nearly enough to kill that deer. And if you did shoot one, you might would only injure it and make it suffer for the rest of its life. Just take up bowhuntin or just deal with the loud report of a rifle. The noise shoudn't matter if you hit what you where aimin at.
bylerfamily5 years ago