al-air battery powered electric bike or scooter?

  Hey, i was wondering if it would be possible to rig up an electric bike or scooter powered by an array of pvc al-air batteries. The use of al-air batteries would eliminate charging time and be much lighter than lead acid batteries.

By pvc al-air batteries i mean a section of pvc pipe with a piece cut out from the side and covered in carbon paper and an aluminum electrode running through the middle.

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LMN8R8 years ago
Great question. I was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately the main problem is energy density. Most wheel hub motors (very eficient) are around 500watts @ 12 volts= 40 amps! - I'm assuming that the featured battery performs similar to an AA battery....You should expect to get around 500mA @ close to 1 volt (1/2 watt), which means that you would need about 1000 of these to produce enough power to propel a bike+ more energy to propel the gallons of water and pounds of plastic that you would be pulling (hopefully in an aerodynamic package). This doesnt factor in the loss over all of the conections and contacts.<br /> Don't despair though, as I beleive that a more sophisticated design will be shared soon. Imagine a sheet of carbon seperated from a sheet of aluminum by a sheet of very porous material, then coiled up into a tight tube. Internally seperate a stick of pvc, with each compartment housing one of the cells. Each cell can be conected to via connection tabs and screws screwed into the body of the pvc. A very small fish bubbler daisy chained out into the cunter of each tube (1/2 filled with water) can supply the air!<br />
Kiteman8 years ago
Have you got a link to a description of the technology, for those of us too lazy to google?
Aluminium (foils) , sodium chloride solution, activated carbon. Pretty powerful battery chemistry, I suppose, because aluminium is so reactive.
LiquidLightning (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
 the foil wooouuld have alot of surface area for more current........ i think im onto something here
bear in mind this is a secondary battery, you'll put all the effort in,and then have to REBUILD the battery when it runs out !
LiquidLightning (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
 you mean a primary battery?
PRIMARY batteries are rechargeable, secondaries are not.

LiquidLightning (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
" A primary cell is any kind of battery in which the electrochemical reaction is not reversible. A common example of a primary cell is the disposable battery. Unlike a secondary cell, the reaction cannot be reversed by running a current into the cell; the chemical reactants cannot be restored to their initial position and capacity. Primary batteries use up the materials in one or both of their electrodes." ~Wikipedia:Primary Battery
I stand corrected. Doesn't stop the problem though - battery needs rebuilding to charge it.
LiquidLightning (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Yeah I know, I just saw that post and was like, nuh-uh. And googled it, and came up with that.
hjesu7 years ago
 About the al-air battery, I have made some of them, each time more powerfull. Last time I reached more than 1 amp and 30 Volts. Also converted the voltage in AC 220 V.
LiquidLightning (author)  hjesu7 years ago
 Really? Could you please post a way to  make what you have described or at least post some pictures or a video? 
hjesu7 years ago
 Please see how to build a al-air battery here.
LiquidLightning (author)  hjesu7 years ago
 umm im sorry but i dont speak spanish (at least i think that's spanish)
hjesu7 years ago
Whilst Al-Air is a very promising idea - a non-rechargeable battery, but potentially recyclable, I think you'd struggle to make one yourself that can give the kind of 20-30 amps a scooter motor might demand.

True, the amperage they put out is depressingly dismal.
The basic chemistry is pretty simple, it'll be the implementation that's the killer.
That's what she said.