all my outlets quit working in my bed room . but they have power ,

2 days ago all the outlets in my  one bed room just went out  I had someone to check them with a meter to see if they had power going to them  & they do .But  nothing I plug into them will work  so what could be wrong ?

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framistan4 years ago
The AC outlets in houses run from room to room connected in parallel fashion similar to my picture here. As you can see from the diagram, if one wire breaks, then all outlets AFTER THAT ONE will loose power. If either wire breaks, you loose power. The problem could be a loose or broken wire in almost any outlet. These wires can route up to a ceiling light or into a junction box in the attic or from an outlet in the basement or MOST LIKELY from an adjacent room. So finding the offending outlet could be trial and error or maybe you remember doing some work on an outlet a few weeks ago and now have problems. One way to possibly find the offending outlet is to get a little AC radio and plug it into one of the DEAD outlets. Be sure it has the volume turned up pretty loud. If you go around to other outlets in adjacent rooms and GENTLY wiggle the outlet and your radio COMES ON... then you have found the outlet with a loose connection. Another method is to visually check every outlet in that room by dis-assembly---check--- re-assembly. Then check outlets in adjacent rooms also if you didnt find the culprit. When you do find the bad one... All you need to do is turn off the AC breaker to that line and remove/re-tighten the screws. I have fought this problem in 2 or 3 different times in my life, and it is not an easy fix for an amateur. If you are not familiar with this sort of thing, it would be worth it to pay an electrician to fix it for you. Do not attempt to work on any outlet when power is ON.


I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and informative. We were having problems with our bedroom. We had lost power to everythin but one plug, and we checked everything BUT that one plug. After reading your post I went to the bedroom and check the plugin, and low and behold that was it. I changed the plugin and now we have lights. Thank you sooooooo much!!!

bossymom50 (author)  framistan4 years ago
they are connected to my computer room witch one of the plugs had some trouble i will check that out , A BIG THANKS FOR YOUR HELP
One other trick I forgot to mention. If you turn off the breakers ONE at a time... you can get some idea of what outlets are on that breaker. It takes a little work, but just go around your house and see which outlets are OFF (using a little nite-lite). Also.... Since you still have HOT connected, you can use a little neon-bulb tester to test those dead outlets too (with breaker ON... the little neon lite will lite-up). Then you will know which outlets are on the faulty leg. You may have a couple on that breaker that are working OK. Any one of them could be the one with a loose or broken wire.
Re-design4 years ago
Find a lamp, fan or radio that works when plugged in another socket.

Now try it in your bedroom sockets.  If it doesn't work then you don't have power to the sockets.

Unless you plugged in a plug that was damaged and it has ruined the contacts of all the sockets you tried.

There is no way your meter can show power at the socket and it not work when you plug in something.
bossymom50 (author)  Re-design4 years ago
well its happening . because I pluged my tv up with a ex cord in to the bathroom next to my room & it works , and I say the same thing its not possible but they are not working thats why am asking for help .????
I have seen and done a check live to ground - OK but without a neutral the appliance doesn't work. Took a while to figure out.
I agree. In my simplified thought process I should have mentioned that the only proper way to check for power is to measure between hot and neutral. Hot to ground means nothing.
The question hinges on "meter" - if you use a neon screwdriver, or a volt-stick, you'll "see" "power"....but if the Neutral's borked you won't GET any power.

I've seen the fault before.
You've lost the neutral connection I suspect. Get an electrician to check the panel.
+1 Now.
Sorry you do need an electrician.

I have seen saw a ckt-breaker that was poorly reset and
one breaker that failed causing this type of problem.

There is a way to verify a lost neutral
  • Turn off the Breaker. 
  • See IF you nan find a socket outside of your room that is also off.
  • Turn ON the Breaker
  • IF the TV works in that socket then for sure your room has a Neutral defect.
  • IF not,  the lost Neutral affects more then your room and still could be the breaker
It cant hurt to do a breaker reset just to be sure :-)
iceng4 years ago
A mains AC voltage reading may look alright
But when you try to draw any power the socket may not deliver current.

Have your friend check the voltage when, say a desk lamp, load
is plugged in.

Did you truly go and reset the circuit beaker ??
All the way off ....  and only then switch it to ON.