any good codes for a simple calculator?

I wanna impress my friends with some cool calculator trick, unfortunately I no nothing about programming. Any body now' a good code ?

Picture of any good codes for a simple calculator?
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Darth Maker7 years ago
My personal favorite is one of the "nines" tricks. Type in the number 12345679 (remember to omit the 8), then multiply it by a number from 0 to 9, then multiply by 9. You will have 9 of the second number you multiplied by so: 12345679*4*9 = 444444444.
lemonie7 years ago

Can you fit completely into your mouth?

(or any other orifice L
Quest for Questions (author)  lemonie7 years ago

It would be a good trick...? Esp if you could press the keys with your tongue.

ikeike407 years ago
cover the solar pannel with your thumb and the numbers disappear
Whenever I've got one of these old school calculators in my hands I usually do this:
10/9 =

Then (square the previous result):

Just because.
AndyGadget7 years ago
If it's a simple calculator you won't be able to do any programming on it, but here's a couple of ideas to keep you amused for a few minutes :-

Any of the 'think of a number' type tricks can be done on a calculator - HERE'S a fun one for calculating how old you are by how often you eat chocolate.

Alternatively, you can make words by reading some of the numbers upside-down.  Oohhh the thrill of discovering you could do this on my Sinclair Cambridge, wayyyyyyyy back in the 1970's.