any ideas for fuel cell pem?

any ideas for fuel cell pem, homemade ones, for any kind of fuelcell

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pyhyun905 years ago
I would love to learn to make my own as well ! -FoolishSage - could you teach us how to make one?
FoolishSage6 years ago
While it is possible to make proton exchange membranes at home from carbon fibre paper it will probably take a home equipped with some serious lab equipment.
Personally I would choose to buy a pem rather than make my own.
pedroxl (author)  FoolishSage6 years ago
i live in brazil they dont sell pem here , and is to expensive to me
kelseymh6 years ago
Why did you delete your previous copy of this question?
pedroxl (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
yes people criticle my question so i changed